I found one editorial that talks about racism in the politics and social aspects. The name of the column is: "Brown sugar bakery named first Annual Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards.  http://beansouptimes.com/home/2013/11/25/brown-sugar-bakery-named-best-bakery-in-first-annual-steve-h.html. It talks that this "Hit Daytime Show" gave an award to the owners of this bakery for their exemplify excellency in their communities. 

A quote from Steve Harvey is
 "Along with my business partner Rushion Mcdonald, I created the Neighborhood Awards to recognize the exceptional in the everyday- those people and their businesses creating positive communities across the nation".

I think that the message that the author wants to send is that we are in the 21st century and there is still a lot of racism everywhere. Also we talk about equality and we even celebrate a Martin Luther King Jr, day and still have racism not only to black people but to other ethnicity, like for example hispanics, asian american, etc. We are all hypocrites, is all I can say, and even include myself. 

We really need to work with this problem but is one that is never going to find solution, because of the publicity, and the people that have influence on us. Also to some of those people it doesn't suit them that racism never stops. Nevertheless in the name of the law, segregation is illegal and they are suppose to protect people from being discriminated but that is only to the public eye because internally as I said earlier we haven't changed. 


From  what I read from the four editorials: 2 from Jay Fonsecahttp://www.primerahora.com/noticias/puerto-rico/columna/jay-fonseca/columnas/hipocritasvestidosdeanalistas-969141/ , 1 from the Washington Post http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/geoege-f-will-john-f-kennedy-the-conservative/2013/11/20/92be8164-513d-11e3-a7f0-b790929232e1_story.html , and another one from The New York Times  http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/22/opinion/kennedys-legacy-of-inspiration.html?ref=opinion&_r=0. I pick the one from Jay Fonseca named: "Hipócritas vestidos de analistas". I picked it because it talks about the current situations from the Department of Education here in Puerto Rico, and it touched me because my mom is a Spanish teacher from 11 grade in a Public High School. So what happens there it affects her. 

It talks about how the deficit is affecting the retired teachers and that in 2020 there won't be any money left to pay them. Even though he presents the solution, that is increasing a little bit the contributions, so that in the future there will be wage to pay them. He even talks about that he is willing to pay a little more in taxes so that the problem is solved. Also he says that the state should pay the better students that graduate high school their studies so that when they graduate they would come back and work for the island. Also it talks about that the salary from the teachers is a "shitty" one and that they deserve better and guarantee their retirement. 

The author knows what he is talking about, because of what the information he gave in the editorial. "Si, ser maestro y en Puerto Rico es casi insoportable, aun cuando uno tiene vocación". That is my favorite quote from the editorial because I agree with what he says because they are not treated like they should be and I think that they have the most important job because without them we wouldn't have lawyers nor doctors. The tone of the editorial is a worried one, and he is a concerned puertorrican that is trying to send the other people the message that things are not running like they are supposed to. 
2. Discrimination
3. People driving like crazy
4. The enrollment in classes for next semester UPRRP
5. Country Music
6.    When the people that are doing something good for this island get killed or get very bad diseases and the ones that do absolutely nothing still live.
7. Professors that think that they’re class are the only thing in our lives.
8. When people write very bad in our own mother language.

1. Having to wake up early
2. Have a curfew when I’m at home even though I live by myself 5 days a week.
3.The movie Borat
3. When I’m texting that the answer from the other person is an ok.
4. Not having gas in my car
5. Hormones
6. Calories
7. When I study very hard for a test and still flunk it.
8.  Mustard
9.Group projects
10. When people write very bad in our own mother language.
11. Very long lines
12. Go to a medical office
13. When it rains and I have to come to the university
14. Going to the gym without my ipod.

The ones that are in social, they piss me off and also I know that some of them are more than an infatuation of mine. Like for example: people driving like crazy. On the other hand the personal list are the ones that are things of mine, that they don't have nothing wrong with them, they just simply piss me off and don't like them because I am like that. 

The social one there some that are problems here in our island, but there are other ones that happen all around the world. Like for example: Discrimination. That is something that happens everywhere. 

I want to start with number 6, because when you see that someone has been assassinated it usually concerns professional people with jobs, and the assassins are people that are doing it for drugs, or they are part of a "ganga", and stuff like that. Like my mom says years before the people that were involved with these kind of problems they would kill between themselves but in these days they are killing innocent people that have nothing to do with drugs, or any of that stuff. 

Since before I can remember I am a fan of Disney Movies. My mom bought me every Disney princess costume, my favorites were: Beauty and the Beast, The hunchback of Notre Dame, Aladdin, etc. For me those movies are awesome, I still sometimes watch them. Now that I have seen the documentary, I do not think differently about them, because kids are usually the ones who see them and because they are still innocent about the things that talk about in the documentary they don't see that stuff.

I did not see the stuff, and even though now I am "aware" that does not change my mind about Disney. I still love those movies and are a very important part of my childhood. I think if you look for something negative you will find it. Do you really think that a 6 year old will think about the feminism, and that Disney is sexist? Hell no. And even though there are people that are trying to make people see that Disney is politic, parents are still gonna put their children to watch those movies. Because they are classics. 

As I said earlier I am a young adult and did not see the sexism in the movies. I am still gonna keep watching Disney movies and when I have my children they are going to watch them too. Because if you see something with innocence like at that age the movie is going to be innocent. This documentary did not change my mind, is good that I know the other side of the coin, but I am still a Disney fan. Also they show good things too like for example that good always prevail. 
I have many songs that I love so choosing one was really hard. But then I thought about Lana del Rey and this is my favorite song of the artist.
I just love this woman. When I listen to her I transport myself to Europe when I started listening to Lana del Rey. I find her relaxing, and also her voice is not very common, also the lyrics of the songs are different.

I really hate this song because it doesn't say absolutely anything, the only thing that says is "What the fox say". In these times anybody can invent a song and it makes a hit. When they put this song in the radio, I get mad and quickly change the station.

I am a person that doesn't have a particular taste in music, I can either listen to "regaeton" and also to "pop" or anything else.
LOVING                                      NEUTRAL                          ANGER
good                                               recovering                            downs
dream                                              trip                                         killed
traveled                                            places                                   dead
better                                                planning                               drunk             stronger                                            slip                                        passed
amazing                                            father                                   sad
Europe                                              month                                  crying
family                                                cellphone                             stress
helps                                                  ipod
experience                                        interrupts

The most column that have words is the loving one, because even though I have had my sad moments I still think about the positive things in my life. Because not everything is perfect, there are always gonna be a bump in the road, the important thing is that you get back on you're feet and keep going. 

I have never done this kind of exercise, and it was a little bit harder than I thought. Because you have a lot of ideas in you're head and you just can't put them together. Also you don't find the correct words to say and put you're thoughts in a paper. This assignment says about me that I always find the positive thing in a sad or a bad situation. Because with the death of my father I thought to myself: "I preferred that he died in his sleep than in a car accident, assault or something else that could have happened to him". It was his time to go, that's what came to my mind when I heard the news. And I give thanks to God about that. Still it makes me really sad that he is not here with me.  

This assignment is different from the other ones because this came from my heart, and my personal life. The other ones are objective, this one is not. And it helps me to stop my daily routine, and think about the good and the bad things in my life.

Be smarter
In the reviews I chose was the one from The Conjuring and Runner Runner. I liked more the review from The conjuring because it was a complete one, it covered different aspects from the film. For example as always you give a brief summary about the movie, and then the author divided it by parts. It covered the religious part, because the movie is about exorcisms, and demons. It also had positive elements, because critic is not always a negative one. Talked about even sexual content, and violence. From my point of view it was a complete one, and it gives the public the two aspects of the film, the positive ones, and the negative one. 

On the other hand the review from Runner Runner was an incomplete one because the author did not give an objective opinion, it was more like what he thought of the film. He gave a brief summary, named the producer, and director, where the movie was filmed and nothing more. He did not say technical stuff. I would not stay away from either movie because I have not seen neither one. I want to see Runner Runner because it was made here, but The Conjuring I really have no interest in seeing it because I hate frighting movies. 

Now I'm going to talk about my own review, because I hated the movie Pain and Gain, I could not talk much about that one because when I realized that I wanted to leave the theater I did not pay too much attention to the film. But from Side Effects I talked a lot more because I loved that movie, but since I have a little experience in filming and the technical stuff about films, I could not divide it into parts and talk about illumination, background sounds, etc. If I had done that I would have written garbage and about stuff that I know very little.  
I did in the movie I hate, what the author from the review of Runner Runner did. I wasn't objective and did not mention one positive thing about it, but I payed very little attention to it too. That makes the second part of my work 
The movie that I absolutely loved was "Side Effects". The cast is: Rooney Mara, Jude Law, Channing Tatum, and Catherine Zeta- Jones. It is about this psychiatric patient named Emily who is very deppressed because her husband is at prison, and when he gets released they have a hard time adjusting. Emily's psychiatrist ( Jude Law) prescribes this new experimental drug named Ablixa, and while sleep-walking, she kills her husband ( Channing Tatum). The doctor's name is at risk, because he was the one who prescribed it, and he goes on a quest to clearing out his name, because Emily is in a mental institution and the case is closed.
I loved it because the plot of this movie happens every day, and in these days we have a lot of artists, and lots of people deppressed who are using anti-deppresants. The performance from the actors were absolutely flawless. People say that if you hate a character that is that the actor is doing an awesome job giving life to it. And in this movie that happened.

The movie that I absolutely hated, and wanted to just get up and leave from the movie theater was "Pain and Gain". The cast was: Mark Whalberg, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and Anthony Mackie. This is a story about these bodybuilders who wanted to make money the easy way, and they kidnapp somebody but goes terribly wrong. Supposedly the story was based in a true one, I cannot believe that actually happened. I wanted the movie to end, I did not get up and leave because I payed for it, and the movies are not cheap. They did a good acting but the plot was horrible. 
But even though the movie is a bad one you should see it because as I said earlier it is based on a true story. Is always good to see a movie about a true event, so you are informed.    
My memorable event was my first day at the university. I was with wobbly knees, butterflies in my stomach. Because I've heard so much stories about how they treat the freshman students. I literally walked the campus as if I had already been there for a couple of years. And because I don't look like my age, I look younger I was an easy target to yell "prepa", or get soaking wet from Barbasoul. And that scared the hell out of me. I did not sleep the night before, because I was not used to sleeping in my apartment, and also the bed was hard as a rock. 
This event is a normal one for a teenager whose used to living at her parent's house, and now has a place of her own. I felt like I could not eat too much because then I would throw up, for that whole first week. Thankfully I was one lucky freshman student that did not get soaking wet from Barbasoul nor got in the center and had to dance in front of a big crowd of yelling students.