Although my life has been pretty exciting, I have been through a couple of experiences that changed the way I feel, act and see the things that occurs to me.The film would be based on the last year and a half since my dad passed away and how my sister and especially me have been coping with the death of him , it would take place at present time, here in Puerto Rico. I chose the theme "An adventure", because life is like that, and depending on what kinds of experiences we go through is how we are gonna be like as people. I would like for the theme song to be "Turn to stone" by Ingrid Michaelson
Director: Steven Spielberg
                                           Writer: Frances G. Adorno Martinez
                                            Stars: Blake Lively as Frances G. Adorno Martinez. 
Ed Westwick as Diego Perez 
Kelly Rutherford as Tita Martinez (Frances and Claudia's mother) Annasophia Rob as 


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