Unfortunately in this world if you don't have any money, you can not buy the things you need to survive. Like for example: medicines, food, shelter, education, etc. Some of these needs are essential like medicines because it concerns you're health. I hate it when I go to the pharmacy and see some people that can't buy the medicines they need or when some kid is sick with a very serious illness and can not receive the treatment because the parents don't have the money to get it. Although there are some people that make activities like fundraisers and other stuff to come up with the money is unfair that something that every people deserves they would need money to buy it. 
 That's why I would create a foundation to donate, deliver, and give  health services to people who does not have the resources to get them. I would start doing it here in Puerto Rico, and hopefully expand it to the United States. In the foundation would participate all kind of doctors, psychologists, etc. I dream that here in America the health system one day will be like the one in Europe, that everyone no matter the background they come from, receive the services and the medicines for free. 
The vision and mission of "Angels in Earth"  is that no matter who is requesting the services it will not get denied or neglected. Because everybody deserves to live a healthy life without the money obstacle. Here is a link to an article that there are other foundations that care for the same problem that I do, also I hope that this little introduction will motivate you to join us or donate something because to make a difference here in Puerto Rico you have to start by making a difference in yourself.

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