Everyone that studies or have studied in UPRRP will laugh his/her ass off reading this article. I found it hilarious, also agree with her 100%. She did it on men, but does anyone has ever done it with girls?. I'm gonna start with COPU from which I belong to.  We have the reputation of being "bichas" because how some girls fit out to go to classes, but generally those girls that you see all dress up are from Public Relations, the ones in more serious outfits are from journalism and from Audiovisual are the girls that are dressed more "trashy", because this is the people that work behind cameras. From the "Sociales" faculty are the girls that are more "hippy", but they also can be confused as the Humanities. You can make the difference when you listen to them have a conversation, because the girl from "Sociales" generally is going to talk about politics, socialism, ideals, etc. But the one from Humanities, like Gabrielle Thurin said in her article are more poetic, has the artist side activated, or is gonna be talking about some play. Although this are the generalized description of those girls, not all of them are like that. 
Continuing our analysis, let's proceed with the ones from Admi, those are more predictable because almost all of them want to be in Accounting to be Cpa's or get into law school, but they all go dress up.  On the other hand, the ones from the Natural Science department they always seem to be in a rush, sleepy and don't hang out as much as other girls from other faculties, as I seen those girls have variety because some of them go all dress up and other ones go like if they were going to clean their houses. Additionally in the Education department I personally have not been to that faculty but I have a friend of mine that studies there and she says to me that they don't go as trashy neither all dress up like in Admi. And last but not least the ones from Arquitecture, the truth is I'm in my fourth year here in UPRRP and I have never been to that faculty. But from what I hear is that they never sleep, always arrive late to their apartments if they arrive, I've only known one girl and she always looked like a mess. 
Even though there are many styles here in the university there's no doubt indeed that we are the best and everyone that says that they have never wanted to study here is a liar. 
9/12/2013 02:52:03

u already know what i think about the ones who work behind the cameras lol... funnY!!!!!

Selena Marie
9/12/2013 13:17:42

Love the conclusion!

Liked the descriptions and think your writing is very nice. I think some pictures and dividing the paragraphs a bit would have made it more interesting and easier to read but other than that great post. Simple and accurate!

9/13/2013 17:03:59

I liked that your post was simple, but to the point. Maybe tweaking a bit the structure of it, by separating it into shorter paragraphs, would have made it a bit easier to read. But don't get me wrong, I liked your post, specially that conclusion--yes, they're liars, if they say that!

9/17/2013 02:16:52

Awesome post, straight to the point. :D


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