From  what I read from the four editorials: 2 from Jay Fonseca , 1 from the Washington Post , and another one from The New York Times I pick the one from Jay Fonseca named: "Hipócritas vestidos de analistas". I picked it because it talks about the current situations from the Department of Education here in Puerto Rico, and it touched me because my mom is a Spanish teacher from 11 grade in a Public High School. So what happens there it affects her. 

It talks about how the deficit is affecting the retired teachers and that in 2020 there won't be any money left to pay them. Even though he presents the solution, that is increasing a little bit the contributions, so that in the future there will be wage to pay them. He even talks about that he is willing to pay a little more in taxes so that the problem is solved. Also he says that the state should pay the better students that graduate high school their studies so that when they graduate they would come back and work for the island. Also it talks about that the salary from the teachers is a "shitty" one and that they deserve better and guarantee their retirement. 

The author knows what he is talking about, because of what the information he gave in the editorial. "Si, ser maestro y en Puerto Rico es casi insoportable, aun cuando uno tiene vocación". That is my favorite quote from the editorial because I agree with what he says because they are not treated like they should be and I think that they have the most important job because without them we wouldn't have lawyers nor doctors. The tone of the editorial is a worried one, and he is a concerned puertorrican that is trying to send the other people the message that things are not running like they are supposed to. 

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