The image I selected is one from the magazine "Tu", from the section of Rate Bodies. I chose one from actor Zac Efron coming out from the beach. He looks absolutely HOT, it makes me wanna touch his firm abs and chest. Obviously if I can see his upper body he is shirtless, with some cargo pants. His hair is a little messy because of the water. Also he looks wet, well duh because he is still in the water. The water looks pretty calm, and also it looks like he's having fun in a sunny day. His arms look pretty tight too, but not too big. He looks like the guy that would go do a jog every morning and then hit the gym, he looks natural. That he takes the time and hard work to take care of his body, not injecting himself like some other people do to see the change quickly. 
Even though I found him gorgeous, I chose this image because I love to go to the gym, and one day my goal is to look as tight and firm, but still looking lady like, not like a body builder. To look like Zac Efron you have to make diet too, which that is my weakest link because I love to eat more than anything in the world. But with these kind of pictures it motivates me to eat healthier because if you feel good in the inside you will look good in the outside. 

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