LOVING                                      NEUTRAL                          ANGER
good                                               recovering                            downs
dream                                              trip                                         killed
traveled                                            places                                   dead
better                                                planning                               drunk             stronger                                            slip                                        passed
amazing                                            father                                   sad
Europe                                              month                                  crying
family                                                cellphone                             stress
helps                                                  ipod
experience                                        interrupts

The most column that have words is the loving one, because even though I have had my sad moments I still think about the positive things in my life. Because not everything is perfect, there are always gonna be a bump in the road, the important thing is that you get back on you're feet and keep going. 

I have never done this kind of exercise, and it was a little bit harder than I thought. Because you have a lot of ideas in you're head and you just can't put them together. Also you don't find the correct words to say and put you're thoughts in a paper. This assignment says about me that I always find the positive thing in a sad or a bad situation. Because with the death of my father I thought to myself: "I preferred that he died in his sleep than in a car accident, assault or something else that could have happened to him". It was his time to go, that's what came to my mind when I heard the news. And I give thanks to God about that. Still it makes me really sad that he is not here with me.  

This assignment is different from the other ones because this came from my heart, and my personal life. The other ones are objective, this one is not. And it helps me to stop my daily routine, and think about the good and the bad things in my life.


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