I found one editorial that talks about racism in the politics and social aspects. The name of the column is: "Brown sugar bakery named first Annual Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards.  http://beansouptimes.com/home/2013/11/25/brown-sugar-bakery-named-best-bakery-in-first-annual-steve-h.html. It talks that this "Hit Daytime Show" gave an award to the owners of this bakery for their exemplify excellency in their communities. 

A quote from Steve Harvey is
 "Along with my business partner Rushion Mcdonald, I created the Neighborhood Awards to recognize the exceptional in the everyday- those people and their businesses creating positive communities across the nation".

I think that the message that the author wants to send is that we are in the 21st century and there is still a lot of racism everywhere. Also we talk about equality and we even celebrate a Martin Luther King Jr, day and still have racism not only to black people but to other ethnicity, like for example hispanics, asian american, etc. We are all hypocrites, is all I can say, and even include myself. 

We really need to work with this problem but is one that is never going to find solution, because of the publicity, and the people that have influence on us. Also to some of those people it doesn't suit them that racism never stops. Nevertheless in the name of the law, segregation is illegal and they are suppose to protect people from being discriminated but that is only to the public eye because internally as I said earlier we haven't changed. 


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