I do not have three artists that are my favorites, I have many so this assignment is not gonna be so easy to pick specifically that amount. Let's start with Ricky Martin, I absolutely adore him, he's gorgeous, talented, he has a foundation that helps kids from being sex slaves. I have been a fan since I can remember because my mom adores him as well. Also I can listen to him any day and anytime because he has different kind of songs and rhythms, so if you are in a happy mood you can listen to "Come with me", that is his latest hit. Or if you are in a relaxed mood or you are just sad there is: "Vuelve" or "Y todo queda en nada", and many more. 
I have been to his concerts and also I went to New York City to see him perform in "Evita".  This is his foundation site: "http://www.rickymartinfoundation.org/", although he is a very successful artist he takes the time to help those kids who need it. In the site you will find the latest things that the foundation has done for the kids, the people who invest in it, why Ricky decided to start it in the first place, etc. This is a quote from him about human trafficking: "You are not alone. We are with you. Put a stop to discrimination. Put a stop to hate. Put a stop to racism...Long live love, long live peace". The official site is this one: "http://rickymartinmusic.com/Home, where he has a blog, the ultimate news and performances, where he is going to go next, etc. Apparently he has a lot of fans in Australia because I found a facebook page that the name was Australian's friends of Ricky Martin: https://www.facebook.com/AustralianFriendsofRickyMartin

Another artist that I love is: Natalia Jimenez. I envy her voice, she has an amazing one. I can't even describe it with words. Last year I went to her concert here in Puerto Rico and I wanted to cry. My favorite time to listen to her is when I'm driving, I found it ridiculous but I love it. My favorite song is: "El sol no regresa". 
Her official site is this one:"http://www.nataliajimenezmusic.com/site/
you find there pictures from her, the latest articles written to her, the awards she has won or has been nominated. She has all types of songs but I listen to her when I want to sing my heart out and when Im feeling kind of sad. She doesn't have a foundation but she appeared in "el teleton" to help those in need. http://www.teleton.cl/noticias/natalia-jimenez-y-chino-y-nacho-en-teleton-2012/, that is the article that was written when she made the appearance. Also when I went to her concert she made the announcement to send a text message to help the oncologic hospital of Puerto Rico, so she is an artist that is aware and concerned of the problems of the people.
As many artists she has a facebook page made from her fans, https://es-es.facebook.com/NataliaJimenezClubOficialDeFans. There you can see photos uploaded from her daily activities, next performances, fans writing to her, etc. As I said earlier I almost cried when I went to her concert, it was awesome. This is a quote from the band she was in "La quinta estacion": "No me hables de volar, prefiero caminar y así salir de ésta con vida...", from the song "Sin salida".
And last but not least, my other favorite artist to listen is: Rihanna. The kind of music she sings is for when you want to get pumped up about something, like for example when you are in the gym, or on you're  way to a pop, etc. I've never been to a concert of her unfortunately, but I love almost all of her songs. They are good to dance. Her official site is: http://rihannadaily.com, there you find the ultimate news of the artist, the dates and places of her next performances, clips of some of her songs, she even has a part of fashion where she uploads photos of her in outfits and tells her fans the designer and the price. 
She takes the time to help ill children and made a foundation named Believe, to help them. The site of the foundation is this one: http://www.believerihanna.com, but it is under construction. The article that talks about some concerts she has done for charity and the price to the tickets is this: http://www.looktothestars.org/news/656-rihanna-performs-for-the-believe-foundation. Apparently in Costa Rica she has a lot fans because, she has a facebook page that the name is: "Rihanna Costa Rica club de fans", https://www.facebook.com/Rihanna.CostaRica. 

If the artists do not keep updated from new social media, they are gonna be left behind because we live in a world that revolves around technology. Many people don't even read the newspaper, they get info from the internet. Also from the sites I found about these three artists they were all good, and easy to use because they had a part for everything, like if you wanted to see pictures of the artist, or see the latest articles, etc. Found this uploaded by a fan of her, absolutely adore it "Life's a game, but it's not fair, I break the rules because I don't care, so I keep doing my own thing, walking tall against the rain...". I agree with Rihanna on this one, because life is too short and goes on too fast, so we humans have to make the best of it. And as the quote says it: "If life gives you lemon make lemonades". 
9/10/2013 01:45:43 am

Love your post, and the singers u got... Your music taste is very common to mine.

Selena Marie
9/10/2013 01:48:55 am

Very interesting range in artists. Like the Spanish/English mix. I can say I also share some interests. Even if they are not my favorites I like all 3 you chose.

9/10/2013 01:48:57 am

I can't say I'm their biggest fans, but I am a fan and I enjoy their music. Out of the three, I really like Ricky, who did an amazing job as Che in "Evita". I've also been listening to Rihanna for years.

9/10/2013 01:51:22 am

I love La 5ta Estacion!! They are awesome for Karaoke Nights!

Ashley Rodríguez
9/10/2013 01:53:13 am

I love Riahanna especially her song "stay". She really impressed me when I listen to that song because is very different and I think that the talent that she has is amazing!

9/10/2013 01:57:11 am

Ricky Martin is a good pick, and one of my favs too (although I could only pick 3 and there wasn't any more room left)! He not only is a great singer but a roll modle as well.

9/10/2013 02:01:03 am

Love Ricky, i mean how could anyone not love him! and Rihanna... love her and her music!

Angelica Perez
9/17/2013 03:05:48 am

I like them all! I think we have similar taste in music!


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