2. Discrimination
3. People driving like crazy
4. The enrollment in classes for next semester UPRRP
5. Country Music
6.    When the people that are doing something good for this island get killed or get very bad diseases and the ones that do absolutely nothing still live.
7. Professors that think that they’re class are the only thing in our lives.
8. When people write very bad in our own mother language.

1. Having to wake up early
2. Have a curfew when I’m at home even though I live by myself 5 days a week.
3.The movie Borat
3. When I’m texting that the answer from the other person is an ok.
4. Not having gas in my car
5. Hormones
6. Calories
7. When I study very hard for a test and still flunk it.
8.  Mustard
9.Group projects
10. When people write very bad in our own mother language.
11. Very long lines
12. Go to a medical office
13. When it rains and I have to come to the university
14. Going to the gym without my ipod.

The ones that are in social, they piss me off and also I know that some of them are more than an infatuation of mine. Like for example: people driving like crazy. On the other hand the personal list are the ones that are things of mine, that they don't have nothing wrong with them, they just simply piss me off and don't like them because I am like that. 

The social one there some that are problems here in our island, but there are other ones that happen all around the world. Like for example: Discrimination. That is something that happens everywhere. 

I want to start with number 6, because when you see that someone has been assassinated it usually concerns professional people with jobs, and the assassins are people that are doing it for drugs, or they are part of a "ganga", and stuff like that. Like my mom says years before the people that were involved with these kind of problems they would kill between themselves but in these days they are killing innocent people that have nothing to do with drugs, or any of that stuff. 

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