Since before I can remember I am a fan of Disney Movies. My mom bought me every Disney princess costume, my favorites were: Beauty and the Beast, The hunchback of Notre Dame, Aladdin, etc. For me those movies are awesome, I still sometimes watch them. Now that I have seen the documentary, I do not think differently about them, because kids are usually the ones who see them and because they are still innocent about the things that talk about in the documentary they don't see that stuff.

I did not see the stuff, and even though now I am "aware" that does not change my mind about Disney. I still love those movies and are a very important part of my childhood. I think if you look for something negative you will find it. Do you really think that a 6 year old will think about the feminism, and that Disney is sexist? Hell no. And even though there are people that are trying to make people see that Disney is politic, parents are still gonna put their children to watch those movies. Because they are classics. 

As I said earlier I am a young adult and did not see the sexism in the movies. I am still gonna keep watching Disney movies and when I have my children they are going to watch them too. Because if you see something with innocence like at that age the movie is going to be innocent. This documentary did not change my mind, is good that I know the other side of the coin, but I am still a Disney fan. Also they show good things too like for example that good always prevail. 

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