From what I read on the internet about this particular subject is that there are more pros than cons. Some of the pros are that the criminality will fall down, because there would be no  reason for people to rob nor kill to get the drug. Also the price to consume marihuana will be cheaper, because many more people will be selling it. It also says that in Europe the criminality is lower than in the United States, and I think that is because over there the people are more open minded than here in the american culture. 
    Another thing that says is that apparently some universities have made clinical studies about long term damage if using marihuana, and there are none. Contrary to the addiction that causes the alcohol, and tobacco. Plus the severe conditions that produce the legal drugs. Some of the cons that the article talks about is that if the governement agrees to legalize the cannabis, they are teaching the children that it is okay to do drugs. Another thing is that the use of this "soft drug" as the author says can lead to the use of the "hard ones", like cocaine, heroine, etc. 
    From what I wrote earlier it is a resumed mini article of the one that I've found on the internet. I think this particular theme is a very strong, and important one because of the popularity of the use of the marihuana. My side on this subject is that they legalize it because people are still using it anyway, and if various studies say that the criminality will ease because the people will not have to go the hard way to find it nor sell it. Also people that smoke marihuana are happy, and if you feel like that, it is most unlikely to commit a crime.  
    When I went to Amsterdam to the famous "Red Zone", where smoking pot, and prostitution is legal, of course the majority of people were high, and also I learned that the criminality is very low. People would walk at night without the fear of being assaulted. I strongly disagree that the legalization will cause a historic difference, because people will still be using it like now, the only difference is that they will do it in public. 
    Another subject that I think would be very important to discuss is the economic one, like creating new jobs; looking for different ways to find a new source of energy, not meddling in other countries businesses, but worrying more from the ones we have now.
10/24/2013 02:33:43 am

First of all, I agree with your opinion. I have to say that Marihuana isn't a big issue to be worried about. I liked that you keep it short, and you described your points, very clear, in a short way. Good Job!

10/26/2013 02:45:19 pm

You should check the grammar and the fluidity. Overall it was good, I liked your opinion.

Selena Marie
10/28/2013 11:48:17 pm

Very well structured and to the point. I think you did a good job in doing the research and commenting on the subject. I liked that you used an example of somewhere else where it has been legalized to support your opinion.

10/29/2013 12:28:59 pm

i really liked you post. I liked the fact that you described the pros and cons and you described your research perfectly.

10/31/2013 01:49:14 am

I enjoyed your post, but let me take a second and respond to some of the things you said. I'm glad you're pro legalization, it's seriously time we abandon silly old ways of governing that simply don't work.

"Some of the pros are that the criminality will fall down, because there would be no reason for people to rob nor kill to get the drug."
I agree that criminality will be reduced, we saw it happen with the Prohibition of alcohol in the 1930's, which cause a massive spike in the murder rate and effectively created the mafia and Al Capone. Prohibition doesn't work. Where there's a will, there's a way. And where there's a demand, there's always a supplier.

I enjoyed reading your post!

10/31/2013 02:03:40 am

I enjoyed your post. It was very complete and organized, also I agree with your opinion to legalize it. Excellent job!


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