In the reviews I chose was the one from The Conjuring and Runner Runner. I liked more the review from The conjuring because it was a complete one, it covered different aspects from the film. For example as always you give a brief summary about the movie, and then the author divided it by parts. It covered the religious part, because the movie is about exorcisms, and demons. It also had positive elements, because critic is not always a negative one. Talked about even sexual content, and violence. From my point of view it was a complete one, and it gives the public the two aspects of the film, the positive ones, and the negative one. 

On the other hand the review from Runner Runner was an incomplete one because the author did not give an objective opinion, it was more like what he thought of the film. He gave a brief summary, named the producer, and director, where the movie was filmed and nothing more. He did not say technical stuff. I would not stay away from either movie because I have not seen neither one. I want to see Runner Runner because it was made here, but The Conjuring I really have no interest in seeing it because I hate frighting movies. 

Now I'm going to talk about my own review, because I hated the movie Pain and Gain, I could not talk much about that one because when I realized that I wanted to leave the theater I did not pay too much attention to the film. But from Side Effects I talked a lot more because I loved that movie, but since I have a little experience in filming and the technical stuff about films, I could not divide it into parts and talk about illumination, background sounds, etc. If I had done that I would have written garbage and about stuff that I know very little.  
I did in the movie I hate, what the author from the review of Runner Runner did. I wasn't objective and did not mention one positive thing about it, but I payed very little attention to it too. That makes the second part of my work 

About your review I have to say that I love Side Effects. I think that you could put a little more of the movie to critice in a good way, because that movie have a lot of things to show to the world. The acting, the effects, the development of the plot. After reading your own review, know I know that you know you should put a little bit more of both movies.

I find some grammar mistakes, remember to review your post before plubishing it. You are doing great, just some details to get it better.


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