Life is a roadtrip and full of adventures, we can tell it in different ways but this time I'm gonna tell mine with lyrics that define it. Let's start with the song "Daddy" from Beyonce. I think almost all the girls are from daddy, I was one, until he passed away and I think even though after that I still am. I've never heard it until recently and I absolutely loved it because us girls when we grow older, we look into our boyfriends for qualities that our fathers had. My favorite lyrics from the song are: "And that's what I want my unborn son, to be like my daddy, I want my husband to be like my daddy, and I thank you for lovin' me ( daddy, daddy, daddy)".

This song I dedicate to my late father, whom I love very much and miss him a lot, I think this sentence pretty much covers why I loved so much this song, and why I put it first in my list.

Another song that I adore is "Bendita tu luz" from "Mana", I started to listen to this band because of this piece. And I knew this one because in my fifteenth birth day, my mom made a movie with pictures of me since I was in her belly until that moment, and the background song was "Bendita tu luz".

I suppose that at the point we all are in our lives we have had our first love, I found mine when I was fifteen years old, and this song is kind of "cheesy", but for me it fits right into this kind of experience we all go through. The song is "Endless love" from Lionel Richie and Diana Ross.

Because I studied all my life in a Catholic School, they taught me how sacred it is everything about God, and how we have to attend Mass every Sunday. I did not found the song that I was looking that we sang at my school at very important activities. Even though I did not find it, it is part of whom I've become, because I spent studying ten years at that institution, and with that and my family, I've become the woman I am. The name of the song is: "Inmaculada Concepcion", by all means that is the name of my school, some of the lyrics are: "Ella, ella, es la Inmaculada, inmaculada, madre de Jesus, ella es, nuestra madre, ella es..."

Sadly as something starts it ends, even though we find our first love, at some point it's time to move on. This is the song that goes perfectly, it is "First love" from Adele. Almost everyone goes through with this too. And it is true, you never ever forget that first puppy love. Because I never do. 
This song was one of my dad's favorite, and now that he has passed away, when I listen to it, it brings me back the memories of when I seated alongside with him in the passenger's seat, and he would put it out loud and sing it. And every time he did that I looked at him and smiled. Therefore now I realized that thanks to him I love "salsa" music, and dance it too, because he was the one that in every party made me dance with him. The song is "Tu con el" from the legendary Frankie Ruiz. My favorite part of the lyrics is: "Perdoname, no me di cuenta de ese juego y me enamore... despues fue tarde ya no podia volver atras y te queria, cada dia mas y mas". Because this number is so important to me, when I listen to it it gives me goosebumps but in a good way.
Going on about the songs that are important to me, this is the song that me and some friends were singing our hearts out when we were going to Club Brava two years ago. It was an epic and awesome party. Still today when we get together sometimes we talk about that night. The song is "XXX from Jowell y Randy with De la ghetto". Very deep the song ja, ja.

Another song that I love is from Rihanna ft. Chris Brown, "Birthday cake". That is another one that I was singing with one of my girlfriends before going out a year and a half ago, it was another epic and awesome party.  
This song accompanied me the month I spent traveling around Europe, I swear that I heard it at least three times per day. For me it is important because that trip was the best in my entire life, sometimes I find myself thinking that I cannot believe that I went to all those amazing places at my age. The number is "In the end from Snow Patrol"
Even though some of my classmates say that I do not look like a gym fan, I am. In my earlier years I hated the idea of sweating but when I entered college and gained literally 15 pounds in ten months, well that did not go very well. So I started to go to the gym 5 times per week, and I discovered that it was my hour of relaxation, I leave my cell phone at the car so I am not disturbed nor interrupted, my only companion is my iPod. The type of music I like to hear when I'm working out is "pop" and the song that best describes it is: "Radioactive from Imagine Dragons".

Songs like this make my heart pound harder when working out. For me is the best feeling ever, because you know you are doing something healthy and psychiatrists say that exercise is the best anti-depresing, so whenever I'm feeling angry or sad I just look for the perfect partner, my iPod, and run it off. 

This simply is my favorite song of all time, when I listen to it I literally stop whatever it is that I'm doing and sing my heart out, and it is from David Bisbal, Luis Fonsi, Aleks Syntek and Noel Schajris, "Aqui estoy yo". I heard it for the first time when I went to a Luis Fonsi concert, and he brought all of them to sing it, I have no words that can describe how beautiful it was to listen to them all live.  

Another song that I absolutely adore is "Brujeria from El Gran Combo". My family and I listen to them when we are touring around the island, especially if were going to Yauco. I know that many people from my age don't know they're songs but I love them, I even work out listening to them sometimes. 
This song was my wake up call the whole month I was in Europe, my roommates and I would put like five alarm clocks before the actual wake up call and the last one was this song, when I heard it I knew it was time to get up, and experience someplace new, and see stuff I only dreamt of. The song is: "Take you higher from Goodwill and Hook n Sling". 
Another song that reminds me of my teenage years is: "Bajaera de panties" from Jowell y Randy. When I was in 8 through 10 grade, there was club named "Junker: the club", where us teenagers had "regueaton" parties, they would start at 8 and finish by 12, there would be no alcohol involved just music, and people from all over the schools nearby went there. I had a blast, and everyone who is from Hatillo through Vega Baja.

Last but not least, the song that I hate. I don't even have words to say why I don't like it. The song is: "Eres para mi" from Julieta Venegas. some of the lyrics are: "Temes sentir mas de la cuenta, el corazon es un musculo sino late revienta, extrano mirarte de lejos".

From all the songs listed above, the one that is my theme one is: "Daddy" because even though he is not physically here with me, he accompanies me everywhere I go. He was my best friend, and I knew that I can count on him. His passing has changed me, I don't look to life the same way I did, but life goes on, and I have to keep up with mine. But I always say to the people that asks me, how I am doing? I respond to them: "just there, hanging, but there is a part of me that died with him, and also a part of my soul is buried in Ciales with him".

In this list of songs you saw that I have the ones that remind me of my father, the ones from my best parties, from my first love, my fifteenth birthday and some more, life is not perfect but if you listen to music, and take it easy you're gonna be able to handle very well. Just live, laugh, and do the stuff you love.

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